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Door Conversion FAQ’s

Screen Included with Door ConversionWe love your wrought iron doors.  We especially like the operable glass feature.  But we have two concerns:

While we want to add light to our entry area, we don't want people to easily see in.  Are there glass options that help with this concern?

How secure are these doors?  Can the glass be easily broken?  And, when the glass is open, should we be worried that someone might reach in and easily unlock the door?

Answer:  You have a couple of the same concerns voiced by a lot of our customers - privacy and security

With regard to privacy:  Most of us want as much light as possible to reach into many areas of our homes - we really don't want to use electricity any more than is absolutely necessary.  But, at the same time, we don't want uninvited eyes.

During daylight, the reflective quality of glass provides some privacy.  For some of our customers, plain glass works fine day and night.  Many others are satisfied with glass that simply distorts interior images.  However, in low light conditions, some homeowners prefer what we refer to as obscure glass.  Obscure glass is pebbled, frosted or etched providing maximum privacy while still permitting light to easily pass through.  There's even mirrored glass.

So, yes, there are many glass options allowing you to choose the one that best meets your privacy requirements.

With regard to security:  First of all, a determined criminal can get through anything.  But it'll be easier to get though a window than through this door.  In fact, it's almost always easier to get through your existing front door than through our wrought iron.

Most of our customers are shocked to learn their existing hinges are simply screwed into the doorway trim molding using 3/4-inch long screws - which won't survive a good hard kick.  When we hang your new door, we replace those screws with screws that are 3-inches in length and anchored to the stud framing.  That's a significant improvement in security.

Additionally, because these are front doors - and front doors tend to take more punishment than other doors - we use only the best and most break-resistant dual-pane tempered safety glass.

Other optional forms of security, including lock and bolt sets, are also available.  There are even screen options that are intended to prevent Rover or Spot from attacking the mail carrier.  So, all in all, your new wrought iron doors can be installed to provide optimum security.

How long can I expect to wait once my order is placed?

Answer: It usually takes from 4-8 weeks from the date of the order to have most panels crafted and ready for install.  Occasionally, in-stock items can be installed much sooner.

How long am I without a door?

Answer: In most cases your door never leaves your home.  However, on occasion, we will remove your door prior to installation for 1-2 hours to have hinge and lock set locations machined.  When your new insert is complete, we will install it at your home.  All work typically is done in your driveway. 

How long does it take?

Answer: It usually takes 1-3 hours per door to complete installation.

Do you paint, stain or refinish the door?

Answer: If necessary at an additional charge, we can paint the exterior of your door.  And while we do not do any interior painting, or any staining or refinishing, we can refer you to someone experienced at doing that sort of work.

What is zinc came?

Answer: Came is channel metal used between pieces of glass to hold together glass artwork.  While "leaded glass" is a more familiar term to many people, lead is simply not as strong as zinc.  Thus, for an entry door, zinc came is preferred.  This is what we use in all of our beveled glass inserts.

What is powder coating?

Answer: Powder coating is an environmentally friendly dry finishing process used to coat metal.  The result is an attractive, high quality durable finish.


"We looked everywhere when we were remodeling our house.  We had our sights set on a $4,000 new front door when we found Door Conversions.  We saved so much money we could invest in other areas and our front door looks better than the new one we liked".
F. Miller, Roseville CA

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