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"We have been looking for a new front door forever! When we found Door Conversions and saw their 'Door-within-a-door' concept, we were amazed. It was everything we were looking for in a door."
B. Hubbard,
Los Altos CA
"The doors are simply beautiful."
Judy D.,
Campbell CA
"We call it the 'Marriage Saver,' as my husband hated me leaving the old door open because of bugs. Now I leave the inner door open all day without his complaints."
Jodie H.,
San Jose CA
"I absolutely love my new door."
Nancy K.,
Los Gatos CA
"We are very pleased with the workmanship, installation and final appearance."
Tom F.,
San Jose CA
"Courteous, prompt and our door is beautiful."
Richard S.,
Cupertino CA
"After seeing your ad and visiting your showroom, we were sold."
Janice R.,
Saratoga CA
"That's way better than fake grass."
Jason W.,
Santa Clara CA
"We love the additional light."
Gene P.,
San Jose CA
"What a difference! Every day it makes me smile to walk near my front door. With just a couple hours of work our home seemed to increase in value and now I am proud to meet people at the door. Truly worth every penny!"
J. Sonnen,
Sacramento CA
"We looked everywhere when we were remodeling our house. We had our sights set on a $4,000 new front door when we found Door Conversions. We saved so much money we could invest in other areas and our front door looks better than the new one we liked".
F. Miller,
Roseville CA
Let the light shine in! Our once dark entryway is now filled with the morning light. It really has changed the way our neighbors and we look at our house. The Door Conversions crew were fantastic and you would never know that this wasn't a high priced door."
R. Metscher,
Rocklin CA
This really improves the look and feel of the entryway. Good investment. My wife loves it.
Mike J.,
Campbell CA
All I can say is WOW!!!!! I love these doors. They add so much to my home. They are absolutely beautiful and add a touch of elegance to the inside of my home in the entryway as well as the look of the home on the outside. The employees were courteous and helpful and the whole transaction went smoothly. I got what I asked for and the price was very fair and reasonable. I would recommend this company to anyone. You will love it! These doors are worth buying and enjoying for years to come.
Alice K.,
Cupertino CA
Since we moved in to our current home 4 years ago we were struggling with lack of light in the entrance. We looked at options ranging from putting a tall window next to the door to installing a skylight above the entrance. Both ideas were daunting and expensive. You were recommended to me by a coworker, who after a conversation regarding our homes, invited me to look at what she did with her door. I was sold before she even opened the door. The entry door looked fantastic, inviting and just beautiful. I went to the showroom and picked out my Valencia panel a day later and within weeks I had my NEW door and a ton of light in my house. Everyone loves my door. Really, everyone. Everyone comments and asks about it. I love my old door and I love the attention 🙂 Thank you very, very much Yale and Miles. Great Job! I think I will need to take my door with me when we move!
Nicole R.,
Morgan Hill CA
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