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(COVID-19) Update

Dear Customer,
Door Conversions is currently monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the effect it has on all aspects of our operations and business and we will continue to take measures to help manage the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) including strict hygiene, social distancing and quarantine protocols. 

Our priority is to ensure the safety and health of our people, our customers. At this point in time, in most jurisdictions, DOOR CONVERSIONS’ operations are considered to be within the critical infrastructure and construction sectors that are permitted and encouraged to continue as essential businesses. So, where we can continue to operate in a safe way, with appropriate hygiene and social distancing practices, our operations remain open and we are continuing to supply customers.

-Yale Proctor, General Manager/Owner

Are your doors secure?

Answer:  Yes, your new wrought iron doors can be installed to provide optimum security. That’s why our doors secure the homes of Police Officers, Fire Fighters and many other discerning folks of your community. It’s almost always easier to get through your existing front door than through our wrought iron door. Many existing hinges are screwed into the door trim using 3/4-inch screws. We replace these screws with screws that are 3-4 inches in length and anchored to the stud framing. That alone provides a significant improvement in security. Plus wrought iron doors will naturally deter burglars.

Smart locks, kick plates and screen upgrades are also available. Simply ask your design consultant for more details.


Do you offer privacy glass options?

Answer: Yes, there are many privacy glass options allowing you to choose the one that best meets your specific requirements. Most of us want to illuminate our entryways without having to always rely on electricity. But, at the same time, we don’t want uninvited eyes.

During the day, the reflective quality of glass provides some privacy and for some of our customers, plain glass works fine day and night.  Others are satisfied with glass that simply distorts interior images.  However, in low light conditions, some homeowners prefer what we refer to as obscure glass.  Obscure glass is pebbled, frosted or etched providing maximum privacy while still permitting light to easily pass through.

Can the glass be easily broken?

Answer: No, we use only the best and most break-resistant dual-pane tempered safety glass. Tempered glass has four to seven times the break strength of regular glass and is used when strength, thermal resistance, and safety are important considerations.

How long can I expect to wait once my order is placed?

Answer: It usually takes from 10-14 weeks from the date of the order to have most panels crafted and ready to install.

How long am I without a door?

Answer: Your door never leaves your home. All work is commonly completed in your driveway.

How long does it take to install?

Answer: Installations last 1-2 hours per door.

Do you paint, stain or refinish doors?

Answer: No, we do not paint, stain or refinish doors. However, we work with many wonderful folks we can introduce you to.

Why use powder coating?

Answer: Powder coating is an environmentally friendly dry finishing process used to coat metal. The color options are immense and the result is an attractive, high quality and durable finish.

Don’t see what you want? Please let us know of any additional questions you may have at info@DCSouthBay.com or 408.859.DOOR


“We have been looking for a new front door forever! When we found Door Conversions and saw their ‘Door-within-a-door’ concept, we were amazed. It was everything we were looking for in a door.”
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